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Space - an outta this world track

I first started writing Space back in October of 2021, I was going through a phase of writing more Lo-fi music.

Writing this track was very easy as it only consists of two chords, it's simple but clean, and the emotions I felt when I was listening to it was calm, positive and dreamy, and that's how I wanted my listeners to feel.

When the track first starts playing, I have higher piano chords layered with the main fast attack pads sound, I also wrote in a higher piano melody to create an atmospheric type of sound. The higher piano has the built-in Logic Pro reverb plugin called the Space Designer on it with the wet turned pretty much all the way up, so you don't so much hear any of the dry signal.

Once I had the base of the track completed, my next step was to create layers and variation within the track, I found a pad sound on the EXS24 plugin and changed it slightly to get the sound I wanted, you can hear this sound when the 'chorus' plays.

You know me, I'm a sucker for chopped up vocals and I couldn't resist putting some in this track, it's only two bits and they play every 4 bars.

I'll give you a fun fact, when I first started writing music back in 2011, I used to hate writing drums, they were my weak point when it came to writing music, but over the years I've learned how to programme drums and now I actually enjoy making them, talking about drums, for Space, the drums are pretty much the main focal point in the track, I wanted them to sound prominent, they are almost trippy!


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