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Run - a James Bond-esque hit

It was a usual day of writing music, the year was 2020, and I had just started my day. I was going through my old projects from when I used to study at college, because back then I kept everything and didn't delete anything.

I came across a track that I had named 'Latest trance track', it was anything but trance. I first listened to the piano chords I had written and thought, man I need to revamp this. So I went to work creating what I had in my mind, and that was a genre that I absolutely love but had never experimented with, Chillstep!

Back then I was listening to chillstep pretty much every day, trying to figure out how the heck the tracks were created. I listened and listened until I had distinguished every layer of each track. I started off by working on the piano, I knew I needed something dark and powerful, something to drive and act as a base for the track.

Once I had the piano done I started working on the drums, I went through sound upon sound searching for the right one, in fact for the track Run, I layered a sub kick as the punch and a top kick as the sound.

The bass was fun to make, I love experimenting with different plugins to create different sounds. So the track was pretty much there, but it lacked something, something I couldn't put my finger on. I showed it to my friend who's also a music producer, he said he knew what I needed, a singer!

The next step was to find a singer but I knew exactly who to ask, and that was Denney, I knew she was perfect for the project, so I set about asking her if she wanted to work with me on it and she said yes.

Fast forward 2 years and we have created a masterpiece, you can be the judge of that. On a more serious note, it's been one of my favourite tracks I've ever worked on. Thank you Denney for being a part of it.


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