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Why did I get a copyright claim?

As you may know, my music is released under CC-BY, meaning my music is free to use as long as credit is given. However, it is difficult to enforce this license across YouTube. There are also many instances where third parties claim my music as their own, causing widespread copyright claims on videos legally using my music – which can be really difficult to resolve.


To counter these issues, I have implemented a ‘Smart Content ID’ system to protect the library from unauthorised uses on YouTube. This system scans the description of videos using my music looking for a credit. If no credit is found, the system places a copyright claim on the video.


So if you’ve received a claim, it is possible you do not have the appropriate credit in the description of your video.

What does a claim from me look like?

A claim from me will state ownership by the following:

We Are Era Music BV (claimed on behalf of KaizanBlu)

If the claim looks different to this, then your claim may be because of a different reason, including a conflict with a third party who is claiming my music falsely. If this is the case, please get in touch here: Contact

How do I remove the claim?

  1. Make sure your video description has an appropriate credit (see below)

2. Fill out this form to have the claim released (within 1 business day):


>> Claim Release Form <<

What should the credit look like?

The Smart Content ID system is specifically looking for the following text in your video description: For example, if you used Midnight Drive, the credit would need to look like this:


• Music: Midnight Drive by KaizanBlu


Change the track title to the track you used in your video.

I've already credited you, 
why did I still get a claim?

  • The credit was added after the claim was made. Adding credits will not automatically remove a claim – please use the form above to request removal.

  • The credit has been misspelled (particularly my name: KaizanBlu)


If you’ve corrected the credit, you can then use this form to have the claim released: Claim Release Form

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